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Executive Coaching


The strength and quality of relationship between an Executive and their Coach can be one of the most important enablers of their success and personal growth. Or it can add little. To make coaching work, the coach needs to come to understand the underlying psychology of the individual and create the right tone and environment in which to support and stretch the coachee. Click on the services tab for more information about my approach.

Leadership Development


Great leaders become great leaders by virtue of what they are brilliant at and by learning to manage their weaknesses. A leader's development needs to be founded on deep insight into what makes them the person they are, as well as clarity about the next transition they want to undertake as a leader. Defining a clear sense of purpose is often vital in energising a leader for the future. Read more about my approach to leadership development by clicking on the services tab.

Developing Global Leaders

It is often said that there simply isn't enough talent in rapidly growing economies. I do not believe this. I believe that differences in culture and innate models of leadership can and do get in the way of high potential leaders being identified and nurtured. Deepening understanding of these differences and helping people frame their development within the long-term business context lays a strong foundation for talent to flourish organisation-wide. Click on the services tab for details of my approach.  

Talent Development & Strategy


The recent focus on the 'nine box talent matrix' has biased us to focus more on talent identification than development. If talented people are to succeed long-term, they need quite specific development opportunities at the moments of their careers (and lives) when they can benefit most from them. I believe in a long-term, 'lifecycle approach' to talent management. Ultimately though, I encourage organisations to move beyond reliance on a small, defined group of 'talent' in order to leverage the potential of the whole organisational system. Read more about my approach by clicking on the services tab.